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Welcome to Maman Crunchy. I’m Katia. I met my husband Jesse through friends when I was 17. After learning to know each other in a long distance relationship, we moved in a small bachelor and he began working for my dad. We later eloped and had 2 beautiful daughters, Big T and Little T. We also gained 2 angels, Kai and Paxton.

I was home-schooled through some primary and self educated for 9th-10th grade, while my husband took part of a home-school coop for a couple of years. I continued my post-secondary studies in practical nursing and graduated with honors. We both felt these were our most educational, enjoyable school years and wished to share this experience with our kids. I’m a country raised French-Canadian, while Jesse is the first generation of his family to be born in Canada, coming from England. We hope to share our cultures, values, passions, and love of the environment to our children, while raising them to be well rounded individuals. Well, one can hope!

We live on the beginnings of a homestead with our 2 cats and 6 chickens, and involve the kiddos in our gardens to help sustain us during the harsh winter months. We thrive to find new ways to become more self sustained while helping our planet.