How To Stay Organized While Homeschooling

Some would say I have a pretty type A personality. If you asked my parents or teachers growing up to describe me in a few words, perfectionist would typically come out. Organization and uncluttered spaces keep me happy and relaxed. Because I love doing lists, I created a lists of the lists I follow… see what I did there? If you’re like me and want tips to have smoother days, read on!

I follow a daily routine that works for your family

               I have always thrived on routine, and it was obvious Big T did too shortly after she was born. We have loosely followed the same daily routine ever since, and it’s working great for our family.

I meal plan

              Depending on the season, we meal plan weekly, biweekly or monthly. In the wintertime it is easier to plan 7 meals per month and rotate, since we do lots of stews and soups in big batches. These can be frozen easily and reheated, cutting down on prep time, grocery runs, food waster and electricity use. Most of our garden vegetables are frozen and there isn’t a lot of diversity. During the summer months as the garden produces plentiful options, we plan according to ripeness, with weekly menus. We grow most of our food therefore don’t depend on the store as much.

We enjoy making our own bread as well!

I follow a weekly cleaning routine

              This is my anchor. I need to follow this schedule or my house quickly becomes a disaster. I have severe dust allergies, and it keeps my family healthy. I spend a small amount of time each day cleaning a particular room in the house. No more than 15 minutes is lost on the chore, and the house remains dust free. We also spot clean busy areas like the dining room, and our robot vacuum goes daily.

My agenda is my life

              Quite literally, my life is written out in my binder. I have my agenda which follows me everywhere, keeping track of my work shifts, family appointments, outside activities, family gatherings, etc. I also have a weekly planner for activities and child-led lessons. This is my guide while I provide childcare as activities can be set up the day before to keep a flow through the day and concentrate on individualized time with the kids. I follow a monthly blog planner as well, lightly predisposing topics through my month and post releasing dates to try and stay on a rhythm.

We are minimalists

              We don’t have a lot of clothes, toys, and gadgets. Frankly, this is the route to take to remain uncluttered and stress free. We chose to go this route out of necessity and for a love of the environment. Instead of following the consumerism train, we ask family members to gift experiences with the girls, which they cherish much more than a toy. In turn, less packaging and plastic ends in our landfills. We also have a smaller house, meaning we simply don’t have the space for a lot of stuff. Since the Kondo method took over, more people are now following that route and a few of my friends have mentioned how nice it is to have the free space. Less things around the house means less things to pick up and find a spot for. For the kids, instead of buying multiple activities, we use our local book and toy library, allowing a rotation of interests and less clutter. Less clothes also means less laundry and 2 people can share a closet. For the kids, I organize their clothes by outfits on a hanger, allowing them the independence to pick their clothes for the day and get dressed on their own. There is multiple benefits to buying less. The kids have a greater imagination and more durable toys, and parents have more free time to play with them or follow their interests.

Here is our amazing local gym, which Big T has access too thanks to a family member!
Big T agrees, Best Gift Ever!

Finally, I accepted the lifestyle that comes with littles

If you’re type A like me, you are always trying to find new ways to organize your life and stay on top. I hope these new ideas may have sparked a little passion and ease. But one thing I learned over the years, is that it’s also fine and healthy to not have control over everything. My kids have taught me ever since I got pregnant that a little surprise and unknown can be fun! You have to let some things go to truly enjoy the moment. And as new situation emerges, chaos normally follows. Just remember, the transition between chaos and routine is only for a moment. So take a deep breath, and remember that you got this!